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the Woodhouse home. In 1857 John Woodhouse, with his wife Harriet and their five children, moved from the relative comforts of Boston to 160 acres of rugged Dunn County wilderness. One of the children was Caroline Augusta, who inspired "Caddie Woodlawn" in a book written by her granddaughter, Carol Ryrie Brink. The book won the 1935 Newbery Award for children's literature. It is considered a classic and is still a popular story read by thousands of children throughout the world.

In 1970, the Dunn County Historical Society dedicated the Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park. The actual house in which Caroline Woodhouse lived has been moved to the park from a nearby farm. The wayside includes a covered picnic area, fresh water, and restrooms. Stop by soon for a visit.


Hours and Season

    Open during daylight hours spring through fall.

    Interested in planning an event or gathering at the park? Is your scout troop interested in earning a Caddie Woodlawn Participation Patch? Contact us at 715-232-8685 for more information.




    The Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park and wayside is located nine miles south of Menomonie on Highway 25.

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