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Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum
Menomonie, Wisconsin

  • Victorian Rooms Four furnished rooms show how the upper class and working class lived in the 1890s.

  • Caddie Country Youngsters are invited to explore the life in the mid-1800s with Caddie Woodlawn through pictures, dressing-up in period clothing, and playing in the "Woodlawn Kitchen."

  • Electrifying Dunn County Today we take electricity for granted. This exhibit looks at the early history of electricity in Dunn County and the movement to bring it to rural areas of the United States..

  • Kraft State Bank Robbery The story of what has been called one of the state's "crimes of the century" is told here. A gun battle on Menomonie’s Main Street in the 1931 holdup resulted in the deaths of three.

  • Dunn County Beginnings Indian artifacts, paintings, photographs and a diorama tell the story of Dunn County's history from the prehistoric era through its logging history.

  • Transportation Explore the evolving modes of transportation people in Dunn County used to travel from here to there. Centered around a service station displaying old cars, the exhibit also includes an oscillating sleigh, bicycles and other transportation related items. Features "Harry Miller: King of the Race Car Builders."

  • Tainter Gate Jeremiah Burnham Tainter developed a water control device in Menomonie in the 1880s. Operate a model Tainter Gate and see why this local invention is used in 70 percent of the dams in the world.

  • Hilkrest Rural School Originally situated in Dunn County's Sherman Township, the 19th century Hilkrest School is a classic example of the one-room country schools that were common in Dunn County until the 1960's.


Caddie Woodlawn Park
South of Downsville, Wisconsin

Bring a picnic lunch and visit Caddie Woodlawn’s home two miles south of Downsville. In addition, the park includes a state historical marker, a log cabin and a large quarry stone. Open during daylight hours spring through fall.


Tour Information
Tours take approximately one hour and can include exhibit topics your group would like to learn about. Let us know what you are studying and perhaps we can build a tour around those topics. (Study guides are available prior to the tour or when you arrive.) Each tour is led by a informed guide. Tours are available at 9:30 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 1:45 p.m. or by special arrangement

If the weather is good, you can eat lunch in the nearby Wakanda Park, or you can opt to eat in our auditorium.

Consider visiting the Menomonie Lions Club Game Park next door which features buffalo, white-tailed deer and elk. An educational nature trail helps all ages learn about native trees and plants.

Tour cost for the Russell J. Rassbach Museum is $2 for grades K-12. Chaperones – we recommend one per 10 students – are free.

In partnership with Xcel Energy, we offer a limited number ofscholarships to area schools. These scholarships, which cover the cost of admission and school bus rental, are available on a first come, first served basis.

Don’t forget to visit our gift shop. Many history books and souvenirs are available for purchase.

To arrange a tour, call the The Russell J. Rassbach Museum at 715/232-8685, e-mail us at or print, complete and return this reservation form.

Visit the museums in advance to become familiar with the exhibits, and to prepare your students for their visit. Coordinate your classroom studies or activities around your visit.
Be on time – volunteer guides come to the museum for your tour. If you're late, the tour may have to be shortened. Collect fees in advance and pay when you arrive.

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