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Explore pioneer life with Caddie, who as a young girl moved with her family from big city Boston to 160 acres of rugged Dunn County wilderness in 1857. Her exciting adventures are told in the book Caddie Woodlawn, and its sequel Magical Melons (recently renamed Caddie Woodlawn's Family by the publisher).

Caddie Woodlawn bookThese are the real adventures of Caroline Augusta Woodhouse, who told the stories to her granddaughter, author Carol Ryrie Brink, who passed them on in Caddie Woodlawn. The book won the Newbery Award in 1936 for the most distinguished contribution to children's literature. Although written as fiction, the books are based on real people and true events near Dunnville, Wisconsin from about 1863–66. The book is considered a classic and is still read by thousands of children throughout the world.


Day 1: After arrival at the Rassbach Heritage Museum, participants will hear a brief historical introduction to the 90-minute movie based on the book Caddie Woodlawn. There will be time to play "dress up" in the Caddie Discovery Room. Each girl will receive a personal copy of the book, a Dunn County history map, and a Caddie coloring book.

Total Time: 2 – 2.5 hours

Day 2: Meet at Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park, south of Downsville. Girls will hear a historian dressed in period costume; play games that Caddie may have played, and make butter and "taste test" it. At the end of the day, each girl will receive a Caddie Woodlawn Patch.

Total Time: 2 hours


One-Day Program Option: Groups traveling 50 miles or more may opt to complete the entire program in a single day.

Locations: Heritage Museum at 1820 Wakanda St., Menomonie. Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park is located, nine miles south of Menomonie.

Contact information: 715-232-8685, Fax 715-232-8687, or e-mail

Grade Level/Ages: All ages.

Group Size: 5 to 25 girls

Cost: $17 per participant

Please Note: We will work with each group to accommodate your needs regarding day and time.


Caddie Woodlawn Historical Park

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